Race info

Enter an exciting three-day stage trail run in the beautiful Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Distances: Dates: Start at:
Day 1  – 22km – valley day  9 Aug 08:00
Day 2  – 25km – mountain day 10 Aug 08:00
Day 3  – 18km – trails day 11 Aug 08:00

Race categories

  • Male teams
  • Female teams
  • Mixed teams

What to expect

We can assure you that the value you receive from the experience is far greater than the cost! We are completely transparent with the breakdown of the entry fee, which includes, among others, the following:

  • A unique and beautiful running experience in pristine areas that are usually not accessible to runners
  • Land access and route rehabilitation
  • Set up of the race village, including entertainment, bar, meals area, massage, and more!
  • Delicious meals per day, from Thursday supper to Sunday lunch
  • 24hr medical and emergency services on standby
  • 24hr security in the race village
  • A finishers medal
  • A goody bag
  • SANParks fees


Compulsory equipment

Please note the below compulsory equipment must be carried at all times. Safety is our and your first concern.

Each runner must at all times have on their person:

  • A space blanket
  • A windbreaker/rain jacket
  • At least 500ml water or other liquid refreshments
  • A whistle
  • Personal medication e.g. asthma pump

Each team must have the below items at all times:

  • A cell phone loaded with the event emergency number
  • Emergency food such as energy bars, gels etc.