A team of qualified and experienced sports massage therapists will be available to all athletes.

With a  professional approach to their work, the team enjoy getting to know their clients and to share a few jokes inside the massage tent to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

To book your much needed and well deserved sports massage, please contact Gill for a booking form:

  • R250 per 30 minutes (pre booked)
  • R280 per 30 minutes (walk-ins)

Strapping and taping as required is available, as are foam rollers and stretching mats, free of charge.

For sports massage helps:

• Relieve tightness/tension
• Improve blood flow
• Increase flexibility
• Break down scar tissue
• Lymphatic drainage

massage therapist addo trailrunning
addo trailrunning - massage therapist
addo trailrunning - massage therapist
Addo Trailrunning massage therapist
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